“Leaving the NHS I wasn’t sure what to expect entering pharmaceutical manufacture, I joined BTG as a Production Operator in 2018 and the opportunity for development both professionally and academically has been outstanding. Going from Production Technician to Senior Technician within a year, accredited online training and working alongside such a dedicated, hardworking production team is something I’m very proud of. In June 2021 I took a seconded position as Validation Specialist – further broadening my knowledge of the wider business and gaining exposure to aspects of pharmaceutical manufacture I wasn’t even aware of. Since then I’ve returned to production as a Manufacturing Lead, a position I’m grateful to have been considered for and one I’m determined to give my best efforts. Thanks to BTG in 4 short years I’ve started to forge a career in this industry, and have clear direction with big aspirations for my future. Thank you!”

Chris Seeley
Manufacturing Lead

"Having been with SERB for three months now, I have nothing but high praise! The interview and onboarding experience, despite all that’s been said about remote working, felt incredibly personal. I’ve felt challenged, but always completely supported and encouraged by both my team, and the global network we interact with. 

I know SERB is the place for me, even on the hard days, largely because I am surrounded by kind people with a true passion for their work and a dedication to the patients we serve! "

Lois Wallace
Manager, Clinical Development

"I joined Serb about a year ago after working for 20 years mainly in big pharmas. At that point in my career, I felt I needed to join a smaller structure, allowing me to get closer to affiliates and customers, and eventually having a more direct impact on the daily business.
Serb has definitely been meeting my expectations and needs; this company is of human size, where everyone knows it plays a key role in the overall group performance. The mindset is very open and favors further development of employees.
My activities have expanded beyond the traditional global marketing role, with a strong impact on affiliates and distributors performance, and a focus on business development through inclusion in potential acquisitions assessment processes.”

Alexandre VOLKOFF
Head of Marketing, Critical & Emergency Care